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All Off - Beachwear and Loungewear

Desire of Mediterranean, desire of citron scent, uncontaminated nature and craftsmanship.

 All Off Collection rediscovers the emotions of a warm and sunny Italy and of the “homemade” in a collection reconsidered in a contemporary, fierce and sexy way. A return to the roots, to the artisan workshops, the ones that made the “Made in Italy” great.

The beauty of the Italian landscapes and fragrances, of the items knitted on a brick wall in front of the beach, of the small villages hanging between the sky and the sea, gave the colors of sun, pistachios and lemons to All Off Collection. The mood of the collection is to mix the Italian culture and traditions with the current trends, following an interpretation that enhance the natural feminine sensuality.

The Collection, entirely Made in Italy, realized with a high attention to details and using high-value textiles, is coordinated by dresses, tunics, kaftans, bags and beach towels. The prints are exclusive.

Dedicated to all the cheerful, joyous, sexy and ironic women.


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